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    HelloTMT! Hope everyone is having a lovely day. Thanks for checking out our latest video ‘My Name Is’ and do share with us the stories behind your name. We will be reading through them and may feature some of your stories in our next video. Thanks.

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    Hello TMT!
    My Name is.. Joey ^^
    I used to really dislike my name because my friends would always call me Zoey or Jojo and I had always wanted to change it to Sandra or Samantha.
    But after I met my new clique of friends, I realized that your name does not make you different in a bad way, and good friends will always embrace your name (with a few kangaroo jokes and fun)
    Joey is another name for the baby kangaroo that lives in the momma’s pouch, and I feel like it describes me a lot, I’m hyperactive, is usually babied by my wonderful friends, but can and will pack a punch if you mess with me ^^
    Now, I understand the beauty of my name, and would never want to change it :)


    Jay Heng

    Sup TMT!
    My name is Jay (: At first I didn’t have any name that was easy for people to say. So, I decided to find a name that will go well with me. Firstly, my name was Jack and I somehow didn’t get a nice touch on that because it was very straight forward which doesn’t show my personality… that’s when I realize I need to change my name. My Chinese name resembles victorious and look at that! so does Jay (: Time to time, people will call me gay because it sounded the same …haha… but I am truly blessed that my name is Jay and I would not have any other name than that (:

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    DammityouguyswereatmycollegeandIwasntaroundokay. Anyways. #HelloTMT!

    I’ve a self-given English first name, Jane, but people often make fun of my chinese name, Sweet Jieng (Pronounced as Sweet Jing). Lecturers often misread it as ‘Sweat Jyeang’, and would later on call me by other nicknames like sweetie pie, sweetie, candy, gula, etc. Friends would also call me other names like sour, bitter, etc. I grew up hating my name, but as I grew up, I realized that my name’s unique, and I like it. I personally think that I’m not really a sweet person but I do sweat easily so in some sense… yeah. Wouldn’t change my name ever.



    Hello TMT!
    My name is Cherish.
    The story behind my name is that when my mum was pregnant of me, she almost lost me.
    The doctor said she looked pregnant but there is no baby.
    I was practically a ninja in the womb.
    And so my father gave me the name Cherish.
    I’m not sure if my personality reflect my name but a lot of people have said, “I cherish you, Cherish.” Hahaa
    I’ve always loved my name and would never change it.


    Hello TMT!
    My name is Melody and it’s actually a memory marker for how my parents first met!

    Back in the early ’90s, a friend of my parents’ wanted to start a band to provide music for a JOY club (JOY=”Joyful Old Youth”). So he roped in his friends who could help him out, including my Mum, who plays the keyboard, and my Dad the guitar. Through making music and working together, they eventually courted and got married.
    When they had me, my parents decided to name me Melody as a remembrance of their love story!

    I used to attempt substituting my name for others when I was a child, for the pure fun of it. But I gave up after a while because there was none that could satisfactorily replace “Melody”. I love my name so much and would not change it for another! And yes, I’m living up to my name, I guess, since I’m currently am studying music composition and am creating “melodies” everyday! :)

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    My first name is Ross.
    My mother said she chose the name after while watching the credits of a movie and spotted the name ‘Ross’ on screen.

    She said it was the perfect short and simple yet unique name that she wanted for her son :)

    I think my name has Scottish origin and means Peninsula. Well, Google defined that for me :P

    I personally love my name!


    Wow! Great seeing all these responses from you guys, thanks so much for sharing your stories!

    Get your other friends to join in this sharing too, we’ll probably pick some answers that stood out to us and feature them in our next video!

    Keep it coming guys! :D



    I guess I would talk about my Chinese name. Not sure if you guys can read but here’s my pretty looking Chinese name :韩毓慈 (han yv ci). It looks quite beautiful right? At least for me. Hahaha. I really love my Chinese name (tho I used to cry a lot learning to write my name while I was very young)… Irk.. It happens right? Hahaha. 毓 yv. It carries my Mum’s dream in her girl–gentle, polite and so and so.. 慈 ci. It carries my Dad’s dream for his baby girl — he wants her princess to be kind hearted. Therefore, that’s my name and its meaning. Have I met their expectations/dream? Well~ I’m cool. And awesome. That is what matters. Hahaha!

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    I guess I would talk about my Chinese name. Not sure if you guys can read but here’s my pretty looking Chinese name :韩毓慈

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    my name is Dayna and honestly i dont really know what the meaning behind it is but i know that my parents told me that they named me Dayna as i was like a sunshine in their life.

    quite happy its not a common name ((in my school it is but not very)) and i actually like this name as its a very unique one :-) i used to hate my name as teachers could never get it right on the first day of school but i eventually felt okay with it!



    My name is Sitti Nanda binti Zainal. I love my name because it is unique. Especially when I was in kindergarten-high school, or when I joined any programmes, people know and recognize me easily because I’m the only person with the name ‘Nanda’ at that time:D
    When I entered matriculation, a lecturer of mine has the same name too (after 18 years this is my first time meeting someone with the same name of mine). He is Indian and the name ‘Nanda’ is usually common for them. Sometimes I felt funny when I said to my friends ‘Sir Nanda asks us to do this task etc’. There was one period of time when I was absent and I missed the first class with him. Then when Sir Nanda asked, ‘ who’s absent today?’. Everyone replied, ‘Nandaaaa’. He was so shocked he almost get mad to the whole class because he thought that my friends were making fun of him hahaha (he told me about this incident himself). He said that for almost 40 years of teaching he never met a student that has the same name with him.

    Eventhough my name is unique, most people having hard times to pronounce it. Nanda became Nadia, Panda and recently it got worse, Landak. Sobs. Not to mention, that people never spell my name correctly. My father gave me this name and I share the same name with my great grandmother (he said I reminded him of her).

    That’s the story about my name. Thank you for reading! :D

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    Hello TMT!

    My name is Agnus.

    Like, “Agnes”, but with a “U” because some astrologist or something decided that this name would make me a successful person.

    Hated my name with a burning passion when I was in primary school, because if you took away the “G”, my name becomes “Anus”, and I pretty much had the whole class calling me that.

    But then secondary school came and we had to introduce ourselves by telling each other something unique about ourselves and I thought, hey the spelling of my name is unique! And sure enough, my name stuck with the rest of the cohort for a very long time. HAHAHA

    And I began to accept anyway my friends and relatives decide to call me, I would respond to anyone who shouted anything that sounded remotely similar to my name. For example: Angus, Agnoose, Anna, Anus (yes seriously I respond to that), and a lot more.


    Oh, and, I typed my name into Google translator once, just for fun, and it detected Latin.


    It translated into “lamb”. As in, MEEHHHHHH MEHHHHH that lamb.

    So I told my friends and they were like, yeah you do resemble a lamb, you are really soft-hearted and kind and literally can’t say no to anyone.

    And I lost count of the amount of times people have asked me if “Agnus” was in my birth certificate or did I give myself that name. Hahaha

    So yeah, that’s the story of my name.



    Hi! I’m Shaun, but she used to call me Chonniu.

    Chonniu is a nickname, derived from my first name and last name. I have no idea how she came up with it, but it was something I always admired about her. Random, spontaneous, and always lovable.

    After we separated, I stuck with it. It’s the name of my blog, and the name of in my twitter account. It’s special. It tells its own story, of how things can be so good at one point in life, and then take its turn for the worse.

    I’m not sure when I will get rid of it, or even if I will ever get rid of it.

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