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Home Community Let’s Chat Ming H’s Giveaway Thread!!!

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    So if you’re here from the article, you already know what to do.
    If NOT. Read the article HERE.. or follow these simple steps!

    1. Tell us WHY you NEED the socks.
    2. Tell us WHICH pair of socks you so desperately need.
    3. State your EMAIL address!
    4. SHARE this post on your Facebook.
    5. LIKE HelloTMT’s Facebook page!

    And you’re done! :) All the best guys!


    I’m going to UK next month for my studies, and I think my outfit there can go with a pair of cute socks! :D I really like the bear (3rd one from the left) on the top row :)




    Hi, a random fan from malaysia here! Since I saw that post on instagram, ive immediately came to join the giveaway just for a try :) its been a while since Ive subscribed to you, its been 1 1/2 year and i have continuously watched every single one of your photos and support them :D . Well the reason why i would want those socks because they’re hella awesome, haha, not only that, i heard you could get them from korea and japan but I’ve never been there in my life before. In school, my friends and I have continuously talked about your videos and how awesome are they. Once, i saw you guys meeting in a mamak restaurant but i never came over to say hi because I was too shy :p anyways, i hope i could get those socks if you would pick me but if you dont, oh well, I’ll still continue support everything you did. Ps: continue making your interesting/creative videos, theyre awesome! Email address: Sock needed :the one with the white tiger on it as its really cute!



    Hey there Ming!
    So I desperately need socks but no no not just ANY socks. But these cute socks that you’ve bought all the way from Korea. Why? SEOUL-ly (haha get it) because I need it to complete my collection of animal clothing/items. I kid you not when I tell you I have a cow onesie, animal hats of all kinds (panda, mouse, moose, wolf,dragon,polar bear), panda speakers (yes, they exist), bird shaped pens, animal shaped erasers (panda,lion, rhino), and ofcourse stuffed animals . But the ones that I have yet possessed a cute animal socks and frankly, any one of the socks would be lovely. If I could choose however, I’d love either the monkey ones because I don’t have any items that have monkeys on it. (And also because I am frankly bananas :D …it’s okay if you didn’t laugh. I tried)

    Evidence of my claims…
    Me in my wolf hat
    My polar bear hat:

    My email address is as follows:

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    Hola! I wish to win one pair of socks so I can give it to my mom as a prezzie (and also so she can be a cutie – she already is)! :D I saw some cute ones in Japan but none of them comes in a pair like the ones you have from Korea!

    I’d like to give her the penguin one, please!

    Here’s my email address:



    WHY ON EARTH WOULD I NEED A PAIR OF SOCKS? OH well, its not like im going anywhere that’d be 0 degrees and it’ll be freezing cold anytime soon. BUT JUST LOOK at those socks, its too cute. And I’ve always love the K-culture alot and have been collecting souvenirs from friends who have been there and were kind enough to bring me back cute and different varieties of stuff. I would want to keep this in that collection! And hopefully one day I would be able to go over personally and get all the cute things there. I wouldn’t mind any pair of those. Would definitely wear it proud to class. HEH.


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    Hey Ming!
    I’m currently in Australia and it’s almost winter now T.T and I don’t have enough socks for the winter plus my finals are coming soon so I have no time to shop for cute socks

    I find all of them cute so yeah any random socks will do

    My email: :)



    Hmm let’s see. WHY do I NEED the socks? I think the real question is, WHY do I not NEED the socks. Like c’mon guys. It’s a combination of cute, cuddly, and ( well to some people ) weird. It’s the best thing in the world and the best part is its * whispers * from Korrrreeeeaaaaaaa.
    I don’t mean to sound desperate or anything really, but like the PENGUIN one would look so adorable on my oddly shaped feet * inserts laughing crying emoji *
    To find me and my awkward self, you can email me @

    and okay fine im pretty desperate right now
    you cant spell penguin without U & I, so * hint hint *
    You know who to giveaway this badass pair of penguin sock to * inserts smirking emoji *

    P/S : I do apologize for all the Asterisk signs, cause it might be a little annoying at times but yeaaa.

    P/P/S : This is a laughing crying emoji if you just so happen to not know what it is Laughing Crying Emoji

    Much love, Chloe.



    I … Need those socks just so it can keep my feet warm in those lovely weather here in Malaysia right now. :3 the penguin or the bear below it would do just fine but the others are okay too.

    *smiling sarcasticly*
    Hahahahahaha *straight face*


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    Hai Ming! WHY I NEED the socks is because I would really like to give it to Bubz, yes, Lindy Tsang as a gift. I’ve been looking up and down in my state for a cute socks because she loves cute socks and I couldn’t get any. Ever since I saw the photo you posted on Instagram of your socks, I really wanted something like that for her and I know she would LOVE IT!

    I really like the teddy bear with stars or the penguin one will look cute on Lindy! ☺️

    My email address:


    Why do i need the socks? Well, firstly everyone NEEDS socks! Regardless to keep our feet warm or to hang it up for our long – awaited presents from Santa during Christmas (just joking).. socks are ALWAYS useful. Secondly, the design is so cute omg! Who can resist not owning a pair? That’s why I NEED them! :P

    I desperately need the penguin pair! (pretty pretty please, with sugar on top) :D

    EMAIL :

    Cheers! ;)



    Hey Ming Han!
    I don’t actually need a pair for myself at the moment but my girlfriend really really really really really really really loves CATS, I kid you not, so a pair of those cute cat socks would be awesome :)



    hey ming! i saw your giveaway gig running on Instagram and i thought i’d give it a go! i’ve not met you in real life and i think the best way to actually or slightly (or maybe not) get to know you is through a pair of socks! i’m kidding. noimsrs want those socks cause you bought them and who doesn’t like free goodies. right…….. the pair with the monkey fo’ sho’!

    next time people compliment me on them socks, i’d say it was from TMT! :)

    cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant weight cant wait cant wait cant wait!

    fanks in edvens!



    Hey Ming!

    I’m really into wearing sneakers, which would warrant a huge collection of socks.. But unfortunately said collection of socks ain’t growing fast enough to accommodate my daily sneaker-wearing-needs haha. So I sometimes end up wearing the same pair consecutively because I really need that extra spring in my step when I wear cute socks. (But I wash them, I swear! It’s amazing how fast clothes can dry overnight in sunny Singapore.) I would really like to win the penguin ones! (:

    Here’s my email address:

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    Ola Ming Han!

    I have taken a break from my Literature assignment to type out a poem that I have just composed. I hope you like it!

    Christmas is far,
    From wherever you are,
    but with socks that have a beak and flippers,
    perhaps you could grant me my wish to be a winner!

    p.s : I don’t even think the above counts as a poem. Despite that, I hope you got my hint on which pair of socks I would like!

    With lots and lots of adorable penguin love,

    ( :)

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