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Home Community Let’s Chat Ming H’s Giveaway Thread!!!

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    Mmmm.. Why I need a pair of cute socks from you… I think one of the main reason why I want or need a pair of cute socks from you is because it’s from you! TMT! Been watching ur videos and etc from fb about a year ago and always inspired by u guys on daily life… Hope I can win a pair from you, and I will not wear but hang it at my wall and get inspired evryday! And if I win, any pair will do for me, won’t be choosy.. =P


    My email address is


    Joycelyn Lim

    Hi Ming;) I’m your super fan and I wish to have a pair of the cuteness overloaded penguin socks to pair with my boring sneakers Fan girl(me)needs a similar pair of penguin socks as yours.(am I right?) It would be awesome if I get one of em’*bonus* it’s from you! My greatest inspiration to keep me moving forward..and hey #TMT4lyfe make more videos and we love you <3

    Email add: (


    Because it’s my birthday tomorrow!
    – go for penguin socks-



    All my socks are plain and boring. I would really enjoy a pair of cool,fun socks to brighten up my feet :p
    I can’t pick a favourite cause they’re all so adorable. I would be happy with anyone. Hope I get one :)


    1. Tell us WHY you NEED the socks.
    – Those socks are too adorbs…and its given away for free. Who wouldn’t love freebies anyways? ;)
    2. Tell us WHICH pair of socks you so desperately need.
    – Anything from you, sweetie. As long as it’s Ming H who chose it, I’ll be the happiest girl ever. <3
    3. State your EMAIL address!

    (I dunno if you can still remember me, I’m that fan who loves you & Joseph Germani, and was so grateful the two of you had a twofie on IG and overly hyped when you replied on my comment on that photo. BTW, I’m a Filipina living in UAE obvs I will not be needing those socks since the weather here is scorching hot but since it’s from you…from my YT crush~ I just can’t say no.)

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    HEY MING HAN!This is my first time joining a giveaway.I always wanted a cute animal socks.
    I would like that Grey Tiger.The first row.I want it really really bad.ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
    Email me @ chanyeolamandozz10@gmail

    Peace out,
    Amanda from @mandaphne in IG



    All my socks are plain and boring. I would really enjoy a pair of fun and cool socks :p. I can’t pick a favorite cause they’re all so adorable. I would like anyone of them.
    Hope I get one :D




    I need some socks cos my feet are cold 24/7! Winter is here, plus, you know, crazy Melbourne weather. I’d wear those socks to sleep and around the house to keep my feet warm (and so everyone can see it). So it wouldn’t be hidden under my sneakers where noone would able to see its cuteness!

    I’d be happy with any of it cos they’re all just way too cute!

    Thanks for being so nice and considerate to all your fans!!! :)

    ps. my sister lives in Sunway so she’d be able to pass them to me instead of you having to send them all the way to Melb IF I were lucky enough to be chosen :)

    Thanks again!!! :)



    Hi TMT :D
    I’m a fan of TMT since last year(2014) .Yeah I like ur videos and have watched almost all of them.I personally like that video ‘How to make a korea drama’ the most because of the beautiful location u guys chose to shoot at!

    I love Korea and always wanted to have a holiday there.It really makes me envious of those people who actually have the chance to go there,enjoy the K-weather, K-food,K-shops,K-streets,K-garden and so on.I like all the pictures u have taken at Korea.The scenery is just Wow.And yeah,including the socks u have bought from Korea,they are just One-of-a-kind.

    It would be really kind of u if u could send me one of the socks from Korea (any of them) as souvenir to at least fulfill my dream to Korea.(This socks are so cute btw!)

    My email :



    Hai Ming Han!

    I love cute socks and would love to have one, I figured if one has to wear socks, might as well wear a cute or unique one. It’s like wearing a plain shoe but surprising people with what you have inside. C:

    I think the socks you’re giving away are all pretty unique!


    Yee Shean




    Celeste Tan
    Celeste Tan

    Lately I’ve been into socks and wearing them everywhere a lot, and especially those matching ones. Even if it’s too hot, I’ll find a way to wear them. Plus, they’re totally adorbs. And as for which type, any one will do. Too kewwttt!

    My email address:


    Holla, Ming!
    So…why I need the socks? To put it simply, it’s a birthday present for my elder sister. I’ve just realised that for my entire 17 years of life, I’ve never given her anything for her birthday, or any event at that matter. So this year, I thought I’d get her something meaningful. And as I am just a really broke student,I can’t get her anything expensive. (Plus I can’t go out cos ASIAN PARENTS).
    We are both avid K-pop fangirls. But she’s crazier since she’s even taking up Korean language class. And we love EXO, and her fav member is Chanyeol. And Chanyeol has an obsession for Rilakkuma.
    And therefore, it’d be great if I can give her the Rilakkuma socks (bottom right pair). She’s probably gonna do a double take if I give her that (especially when she knows it’s from you, Ming!)

    So, pretty please with a cherry on top!

    Ps: if the Rilakkuma won’t do… Oh well, whichever pair will do since it’s from my sister’s dream destination after all

    This is my first time joining my fave youtuber’s giveaway so excuse the awkwardness




    Hi, I’m melisasimjiaqi. I need it because it just simply cute!!! Gosh, who wouldn’t want free gifts anyway?
    “Typical Malaysian here”

    Hence, most probably I will be going to Australia to future my studies there on June, so I’ll need an extra pair of socks because it will be winter during that period of time. Please give it to me. Hehehe!!!

    I like the on the top left. Hehehe, so cuteeeeee~

    Btw, what do your fans call themselves? Like Ed Sheeran fans call themselves Sheerio. Come out with one please? Hahahaha.

    My email ad:


    Hello :)

    I would really want a pair of the socks because I am really attracted to cute stuff and I would love to get one to add in to my cute stuff collection haha. I would love the penguin one cause who doesn’t love penguins, like have you seen gunther :p

    My email:

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