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Home Community Let’s Chat Ming H’s Giveaway Thread!!!

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    HAIII HAIII HAIII Yeaaa… I have no idea how to start this… BUT I WAN DEM SOCKS… actually no… I NEED DEM… I practically wear socks everyday (including stockings) for lik ermm 3 years because of dance so I CAN ADD THEM TO MAAA COLLECTION!!!! PLEASEEEYYY PLEASEEEE WIF A CHERRY ON TOP… hehehe maybe wif some sprinkles of chocolate.. ouhh yeaa.. IM ONLY 15 N I STAY IN MALAYSIA SO I HV A VERY “BIG” CHANCE TO GO TO KOREA T.T soo pleaseeeeeyyyyy pleaseeee n do me a favourrr I really want them…

    P.S. i wan the bear on top. 3rd from the left hehehe
    P.S.S. my email address is
    P.S.S.S. i wuff u heheh keed keed… but seriously though


    Hi Ming Han!
    I NEED a pair of those awesome socks *pulls hair* why, you might ask? Obvi, BECAUSE IT IS SO DARN CUTEEEE (and awesome like u). They are literally socks that fell from heaven. And also I am in need of socks because the only socks I have are school socks (I crai sock deficiency) ok, maybe not THAT terrible but you know what I mean :p my email is
    (Hahah I just realized I sound like a crazy lunatic person who is deprived of socks in her life. And just to clarify, I am a completely normal person with a tiny problem with cute things)
    Ok too long D: thanks for looking at this :)


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    Hi. A Singapore fan here lol. I’m going to keep this short & simple, I hope. Ok, so the reason why I want the pair of socks is because it looks comfortable and warmy. Also, it’s looks very kawaii and not forgetting that it came from SEOUL. My favourite idols are from Seoul (kpop). Apart from that, I want to have the feeling how my idols feel on their sole. It might keep me warm if I were to be feeling cold at night. I would want the cute socks on the top row, 3rd from the right (The bear with a dark background and light blue that covers the top & bottom). I really hope I win this because I really appreciate your kindness. I think this might be a good gift from you as I have been subscribing to you since the past 3 years, I think. Haha, I can’t really recall the time. Anyways, I really hope to win this precious-to-me giveaway. :) I will continue to support you know matter how hard life is. ;) Thank you & may god bless your sweet, kind & beautiful soul. :) XOXO ❤

    My Email:


    Hi Ming Han!!

    I’m currently in Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas and it’s really really freezing cold in here D: I would love to wear some snazzy warm <3 Penguin socks to college :D It will also look good since I love the colour of blue. :) I’ve been a loyal subscriber since your first few hundred followers and I absolutely love your videos. :D

    Penguin! Penguin! PENGUIN! PeGuIn! pEgUiN! please! :P

    My email address is (

    Sharon Callie
    Sharon Callie

    Hello Ming Han! :) Glad that you’ve arrived Malaysia safely. And those socks are indeed adorable and I am a sucker when it comes to such cute items :/ Haha! Right, anyway, my reason is that if we compare our feet with the rest of our body (like our hands and legs), I think our feet is one of our body parts that do not get as much attention as it should. It’s also not the first thing that people will look at so we don’t take so much of our time to “groom” our feet :P As much as we pamper ourselves with clothes and other things to make us look and feel good, don’t our feet deserve something cute, comfy and adorable to make them look and feel good too?:) Shoes are an everyday thing for me so such cute socks will really make my day. Of all the designs, Rilakkuma is my favourite. But the teddy bear socks is just as cute :)

    My email:

    Thank you!

    Sharon Callie.


    Hello there my favourite youtuber ;)
    Well I hope it’s not too late to say that I need a pair of socks because I am a socks maniac. I collect socks since last year but I only have about 24 pairs. I know how hard it is to find cute socks like yours here in Malaysia so I will go crazy if you won’t give me any of those socks.

    These are some socks I managed to bring to college and as you can see most of them are ugly… too bad I couldn’t spell ‘I LOVE’ before the TMT (another reason to give to give me socks?) T_T
    ugly socks

    I’ll be glad if you give me the Rilakkuma pair. Korilakkuma oso can or the teddy bear. Monkey’s nice oso I think, or.. Ok ok I’ll stop.

    here’s my email address:

    :D <3


    Hello! I am a fan of TMT and I am a totaaaallll sock lover. I love receiving socks as gifts. occasionally I would reward myself with cute socks. =) I haven’t been shopping for socks lately and many of my socks are holed through already.

    It would be the greatest thing ever to win this giveaway.

    Many love,



    Helloooo ming han,ming yue,bryan and raffi yooooo!

    Being a girl growin up with 2 brothers(just like ming li) HAHHAHA It taught me to not being able to be girly girl actually hahaha and everyday regardless School,gathering or whatsoever it is ALWAYS sneakers. SNEAKERS FTW! so it pretty much states that socks are my everyday essentials #macamyes . AND you knw we should appreciate designers hardwork on designing such awesome products yo(design student’s thought)
    Pick me cause FREE (thick face), cute,limited edition socks make life better!
    Rilakuma socks white or brown is fine #desperate #orami




    I’m not gonna lie ~ I just went to Korea recently (I just got some socks from Seoul too).

    But hey, I bet most people here also got socks of their own already ;) If I really got this socks from you it would have been special-ler ^^ One of the reasons why I want it. U can say I’m a collecter :)

    Main reason is ~ I LOVE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING KOREAN – socks including! So if you really pick me, random one also can… or if you’ve ran out and decided to get an extra one ;) surprise me with Korean idol socks (Only boy bands tho ㅋㅋㅋ).

    -Left my heart in Seoul-





    Dear Ming,
    I hope you’ll give me the space bear socks or the penguin socks as I think that would make really good sock puppets! If you’ve ever tried playing with sock puppets you would know it’s difficult glueing on various bits and bobs to decorate it. But with these socks I can entertain little kids as they are! (Plus they’ll make my feet look kawaii) ^_^


    Thank you!

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    1. Guys, I need the sweg. I don’t have enough sweg. :(
    2. The tiger looks so cool.

    Btw, maybe you guys can do a shot skit on wearing/finding socks?
    Like, how some of them mysteriously disappears from time to time, things like that, lulz.

    Have a nice day!



    I dont exactly need the socks but i have a slight obsession for socks and i would love to expand my collection of socks and include these animal ones. So far i’ve got frilly ones, fuzzy ones, lacy ones but no animal ones.
    I’d love the penguin socks but well, any animal will do tbh, so yup



    The Mings left to korea,
    yet they still held on to what was dear,
    the fans they are forever grateful for,
    maybe we should get them some socks…ya hor.

    My feet just don’t get enough attention,
    perfectly shaped arch, perfect dimensions.
    i gotta release all this tension,
    give all i got with those cute companions.

    P.S. I’ll go for the least popular pair or socks,
    because i’ve always supported the underdogs.

    thanks mingggg :)


    Hey Ming Han! :) Thanks for keeping us in your mind while you were in Korea! <3

    I need the socks because my feet has been feeling lonely since you started posting all those cute pictures of socks on your IG. Hahahah. But, seriously though, I need the socks because I am currently SOCK DEFICIENT. I only have one pair of ankle socks that can nicely remain on my ankle even when I’m doing sports and stuff. That ankle socks, so coincidentally, is a pair of socks that’s from Korea. So I know that those socks are really what I NEED. Plus, the socks are just so cute! :B

    I desperately need ALL OF THEM!!!! They just all look so cute. :3 But, if you really point a gun to my head and force me to choose, I guess I’ll have to go with the monkey ones. (NO OFFENCE TO THE OTHERS, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME TOOOOOOO)

    Yeah, so that is why I need the socks and which one I most desperately need. My email address is

    I WILL AWAIT THE EMAIL (no pressure)


    Best regards,
    Tze Yun, Khoo.



    I would love to win a pair because they are just too cute

    I would love to win a pair of the bear socks

    My email is

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