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    Hi guys! We’re heading to Australia (SYDNEY & MELBOURNE) this coming March 2015 for two weeks and we’re excited to meet some of you who are currently residing there. At the same time, we’re also looking for some new faces to HOPEFULLY appear in our videos that we’re hoping to shoot there!

    If you’re keen, let us know your:
    1. NAME:
    2. AGE:
    3. EMAIL:
    5. ANY ACTING EXPERIENCE? (video links would help!)

    Write your details here in this Topic, we’ll be keeping track! You’ll have to sign up an account before you can post anything in this forum yeah! Feel free to suggest what are some of the things to do in SYDNEY & MELBOURNE while we’re there too!

    If chosen, we’ll contact you personally by end of this month. Can’t wait to meet you guys next month!

    -The TMT Team


    Optional task :p
    It’d be great if you could tell us something interesting about yourself too! Just so we know who and how you really are in person, and maybe convince us to keep in touch with you while we’re in Australia x)

    Loke Zakado
    Loke Zakado

    Sup! This is rather interesting especially I’m heading to Australia this Feb! How interesting! Time to create a chance for myself >w<)/

    The NAME’s Yap Hui Wei ((Also known as Loke))
    My AGE: 19 ((turning 20 this August!))
    3. EMAIL:
    Welp I have a lot of websites but why not eh?

    Facebook Page:
    Instagram: lokezakado
    World Cosplay:
    I draw too but I rarely go onto Devianart haha~

    5. ANY ACTING EXPERIENCE? (video links would help!)
    Well I do act in skits in High School and Did shoot a comedy movie once but that was a long time back. I was more towards the comedy script writer and videographer/video editor but here’s a few of my works/acting too.
    I did act a lot for cosplay competitions back then. I didn’t have

    First Week with the Baby: ((College Assignment))

    Music Video Lipdub ((mostly was the one filming, I only appeared a short time)):

    One of my best script skit, VBG Cosplay Competition ((1st Place))

    Something Interesting?
    Well I enjoy being a comedian and making funny skits, I often animate funny skits, hoping to bring joy to others. I do cosplay/crossplay in anime conventions. I really enjoy doing animation and filming! I been hoping to do more reality videos in the future!

    Hope this is enough information!


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    skydiving in Australia is pretty awesome :)
    Or you could use Urbanspoon and go visit all the awesome food

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    Hey TMT!
    All my information is here!

    *fingers crossed*



    Hey guys!

    My name is Felicity Trinh! I was born, raised and live in Sydney! I’m currently studying Bachelor of Medical Science at Sydney University (2nd yr, so I’m 19, 20 in September. YIKES!).
    My email is

    My insta is

    (I have Facebook but you won’t be able to see anything till you’re a friend :P).

    I have a YouTube account where I post instrumental music/piano tutorials/piano covers and stuff. I can’t sing much but I write and produce music!

    Honestly, I don’t act much but I did film a short movie back in high school and do some performances. It’s hard to fit stuff like this in when you’re studying anything related to science!

    I live on the Northern Beaches (near Manly, 5min drive from local beaches) so I’d happily take you guys around :) The beaches are seriously the best in the world! I have a friend who owns a coffee place in Manly so I could maybe pull some strings if you need a cafe location!

    If I was to describe myself, I’m trying to be a doctor whilst also wanting to be a music producer and songwriter (I play piano (classical and normal stuff), guitar, bass, learning the violin). I play and coach cricket, our national sport, and I make time to watch my USA tv shows (occasionally binge on Korean dramas). I pretty much only spend my money on eating (and when a new iPhone comes out, I have been brainwashed by Apple). I also love public speaking and stuff like that. I dig speeches. Here’s the link to my graduation speech (
    I don’t know if people find me funny but they laugh when I talk so.. Haha.

    Hope to meet you guys soon! Big fan (not just saying this cause I want to meet you guys, it’s true)! And if you’re still not convinced, I have a ridiculously strong Australian accent. Everyone digs Australian accents! Haha

    Felicity :)



    HI TMT!

    Great news that you’re visiting Australia this March. I’m from Melbourne and have been here for about 13 years already ever since I completed my SPM studies in JB.

    1. NAME: Lionel Lim
    2. AGE: 30
    3. EMAIL:
    4. WEBSITE/YT/FB/INSTA: insta: shortie84,
    5. ANY ACTING EXPERIENCE? Not really but have done a few videos and performances for my wedding performance and a few skits in High School =)

    Melbourne is really one of the best cities in the world. The people are great, and the best part is that the selection of food here is amazing! You can pretty much get all sorts of yummy food here in Melbourne which especially helps when you feel a bit homesick.

    Things to do in Melbourne:
    1. Eat, eat, eat!
    2. Come for a run with the Nike Run Club
    3. Enjoy the beautiful parks
    4. Check out Hosier Lane and the many graffiti filled laneways
    5. We have the best coffees
    6. We have the best laneways with hidden gems to chill & eat at
    7. The Malaysian community here is great
    8. Hiking the many beautiful spots around Melb/Vic
    9. Werribee Open Range Zoo
    10.Any sporting event! (Melbourne is known to be the sporting hub of Australia) – AUS Open (Tennis), Formula 1, Australian Football (Footy), Cricket World Cup, plenty of Fun Runs (e.g. Run for The Kids March 22).

    I work in IT but am a personal trainer on the side. I am also a Nike Run Club Leader in Melbourne which runs every Mon, Wed and Sat evening from the city. Come pop by for a run if you’re keen! Love my football as well, GO THE GUNNERS!

    In short (pun intended), I’m a cheerful, short guy who enjoys making new friends, making people laugh and enjoy the fitness world!

    Can’t wait to see you guys if I have the chance!

    Shortie OUT!

    P.S. My friend here is also pretty damn hilarious and is known to be the most random person in Melbourne


    1. NAME: Asher Loh
    2. AGE: 18
    3. EMAIL:

    5. ANY ACTING EXPERIENCE? (video links would help!) – Been a frequent candidate for emceeing for events in the past.

    It’ll be good to meet up with you guys! Even better to be in one of your videos!
    I’ve been in Melbourne for the last five years, so you can expect me to bring you guys around whilst riding on a wild, freshly caught kangaroo (Okay maybe not).

    Well, I just saw the second part. Something interesting? Well, I write as if I’m in a monologue, which I tend to find quite interesting. Maybe a potential Nicholas Sparks? Maybe not. That said, I’m an easy-going person, quite pleasant to communicate with. And, I won’t bite. Maybe the kangaroo will, but not me!

    Jokes aside, I’ve always avid TMT fan, so it’ll be crazy to even meet you guys! Cheers,



    Hello, There are alot of nice places to eat in Sydney you should try.

    Devon’s Cafe ( The Sakuma )
    Three Williams ( French Toast Brioche )
    Gamshara ( Ramen )
    Chat Thai ( Everything )




    Hey guys! It would be awesome to meet up with you. I’m currently residing in Melbourne and attending the University of Melbourne.

    Name: Ian Khor
    Age: 20

    As for acting experience, I did many church and school plays in my mid teen years but it has been awhile since I have acted in anything. However, I would love to be in one of your videos, if you will let me and I will do my best! :)

    In Melbourne, all the fun things here is basically eating. Lots of eating. Hope you guys will have a blast in Melbourne.


    1. NAME: Eustacia Tan
    2. AGE: 21
    3. EMAIL:
    4. WEBSITE/YT/FB/INSTA: FB:, Insta: munchykinss (beware of overwhelming selfie and food pics.)
    5. ANY ACTING EXPERIENCE? Yeah, in high school english club.

    Hello TMT! I will be heading to Sydney for the first time in my life this early March for two weeks and I hope you really could do a meet up or some chill out sheesh cause hey, 2 weeks isn’t a short time and I hope meeting you guys could be in my to do list there! So at least, even though I don’t qualify for your video, meeting you guys would be awesomesauce too! Hope to hear from you guys soon! (:

    Eustacia Tan

    And, Happy Chinese New Year!


    Name:Daniel Mak
    Any acting experience?: Was casted in some of my friend’s short films back in college days, that’s about it. I only had like a few vlog videos, but due to university commitments, didn’t continue recording them for my channel.

    So I have been staying in Melbourne close to two years now. Officially graduated with Bachelors in Communication Design at RMIT last December. Sadly, have to return home before my student visa ends which falls on the 15th of March.

    I’ve always wanted to do something out of my comfort zone before leaving Melbourne for good. Acting or being casted in a short film while overseas is probably the last thing that came to my mind, until I stumbled upon your Instagram announcement video. I’ve always thought TMT’s a lot different and unique compared to other Youtube channels.

    The Melbourne CBD’s a place to explore. Tons and tons of coffee and brunch outlets for you guys to visit. And if you’re really curious, you can always see the prices of Malaysian food and be thankful that it doesn’t cost that much back home.

    Melbourne is also home to many talented buskers and performers. Drop by Bourke St and you’ll witness the talents of these people. The State Library on Swanston street/Latrobe street is a must to visit. Personally, the architecture design is worth the visit.

    Take advantage of the free tram ride in the city circle to explore the city. With that in mind, Melbourne CBD is home to many international students of many countries, and the Malaysian community is one of the biggest that occupies Melbourne.

    Come night time, walk along the Yarra Promenade at Southbank. You may shop at DFO or pay the Casino a visit. Brunswick is a great place to chill for music and drinks. That place is also known to many as Melbourne’s own hipster hub.

    Lygon St is the place to be for great Italian food. You guys will be spoilt of choices to choose from. That street is also home to the city’s best frozen yogurt.

    To sum it up, large portions of food, great coffee and relaxing atmosphere is just waiting for you guys at TMT to experience it.

    It would be awesome to be one of the many that’s gonna be picked for TMT’s upcoming project. Would have gave me a great final few weeks before going home for good. If not, thank you for presenting the opportunity.

    Daniel Mak :)

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    Name : Chee Ming, LEE (a fellow Ming!)
    Age : 20 this year
    Email :
    Facebook :
    Experiences : I was in a high school play a couple of years ago, playing the main lead and we won first place. I also did drama for a year after that but nothing too serious, just good fun! I have a link to our drama but it’s in a private group and the closest I can get it out to is on my Facebook profile.
    My Facebook is private but I would be more than glad to accept a friend request from you guys! P.S. this is not an evil and utterly clever plot to be Facebook friends with you guys. :D

    I love the rarity of your videos because it means it’s absolute quality. hope you guys enjoy your travels to Sydney and Melbourne! hopefully I’ll get to see you guys around!

    Keep up the good work guys!


    Hey TMT!
    Name : Eric Matthias(just a middle nickname) Wong
    Age : 20
    Email :
    Facebook :
    Instagram : @ericmatthiasblu
    Acting experience : I was part of a school drama team back in Penang (GO SXI!!) and
    got into state level competition( Didn’t win though but we got the best script!). I never knew how fun it is to be in a school play. I was sceptical of joining any acting activities until was being convinced by my teacher. Through this activity, I started to gain confidence of myself in public speech and even train me to be outspoken. Although we lost during the state level competition, I still had fun and learnt a lot from it. It has been awhile since I act and I really miss the fun vibes I get from it. I guess this is a great opportunity to be able to work with you guys in your new videos and contribute some new ideas during the process. (ps. it would be really cool to know you guys personally as well and witness how YouTubers work).

    Interesting fact:
    I guess the interesting fact about me is just being positive in what I do. Being positive gives me the drive to pursue what I want to achieve in life. Sometimes, it is hard to keep the positive momentum going but eventually, with an optimistic mind, it rules out the fear of giving up on something which we could not achieve. I do like to know people and get to learn their stories about what they encounter in life. It is really interesting to know their experiences and how they handle it. That is why I love stories and I love watching youtube videos on skits, vlogs, news and so on. In fact, TMT is always my favourite channel in YouTube as you guys present some of the best stories I have seen. One of my favourites from your channel was the skit called This is Why. It is really heartwarming and I could relate to this skit as I have gone through this experience before. Listening from stories like this are the best lessons we can get. AND another important fact about me is that I LOVE FOOD. So if you guys want to get the best food spots in Melbourne, just ring me up and I can show you around…..

    Which comes to this part where you want to know what to do in Melbourne. Here is the list of to do’s
    1. Use the trams. The first time I came to Melbourne which is last year, I had a two hours ride around the tram and it is a good experience. It is a good way to tour around the city (and also a good idea to search for some nice spots to film)
    2. Makan anything la in Melbourne. This is the time when you can ask me where to find the good makan place to fulfil your stomach’s liking.
    3. Visit the State library ( Unfortunately, it kinda looks like Two-Face right now as it is under going renovation at the right side of the library. You will know what I mean when you see the library) The library has some nice arts and it looks luxurious. Perhaps another good place to film?
    4. Please.please please film at Federation Square. This place is brilliant for any cinematography. It has big open space and it looks great at night. Trust me on this one. You won’t regret it.

    So I hope that I can get to see you guys in Melbourne and thank you for the videos you have made. These videos cheer me up when I’m down (especially the video on the accent part. classic).
    Cheers and have a great year ahead TMT!
    Eric Matthias Wong
    A fellow Malaysian exported to Melbourne.



    Um, hi there, TMT :)

    My name’s Sara, and I’m about to begin my first year at the University of Melbourne – Bachelor of Science with a breadth in Film and Television :)

    I realise this topic is for people who would like to appear in your videos (which by the way, omgosh, make my friends and I die of laughter every time!!!), but I was just wondering if, instead of participating in acting, I could maybe help with…the production aspects?

    I’m sorta an aspiring filmmaker (I have a hard time finding actors) and would be just over-the-moon delighted if I could somehow participate in your magic of making amazing YouTube shorts – to assist and to learn :) Heck, I’d be happy to just go on chocolate milk runs for you guys! I did Media as a subject in high school and attended film school this summer, so I’ve made a few shorts myself…I just can’t put them anywhere online because my friends/actors won’t let me :( But I’m hoping to start filming on a regular basis once I start uni :D

    As an Aussie-born Malaysian, I suppose I know of several places in Melbourne you gotta visit…my specialty is food though XD Food in Melbourne (Y) So plentiful, honestly, it’s hard to name any specifics. And the iconic Melbourne places for tourists-like photography and activities – you’d be surprised O.O

    Hope I get the chance to meet you guys when you come over! :)

    age: 18
    instagram: sjayim

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