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    Hey ming-people!(including Bryan, actors/actresses, interns, and everyone else)

    NAME: Keith Siah
    AGE: turning 21 this year
    Insta: (sorry for the lack of hipster photography skills)
    Acting experience: not much, except for this one we did for a project in college where I played an angry driver and a guy late for a meeting.

    (if you find this good, then great! if it’s bad, then you see why I need your help :p)

    I’m a marketing student studying near Sydney. Into movies, sports, superheroes, and YouTube!

    Interesting fact? I’m currently at a stage in my life where I’m trying to learn as much as possible! Including video production so this would be awesome. Also, I’m awesome at butt-kissing – *I think you guys are the Malaysian WongFu *- saw that anotttt?



    Hello, TMT. :D

    1. NAME: Sabrina Tan
    2. AGE: 19 this year
    3. EMAIL:
    I’ve acted for several church dramas. The only video I have is from 2012, and I’m not even sure if you can see it because the profile may be private, but here’s the link anyway:

    I actually just arrived in Melbourne from Kuala Lumpur and I’ll be starting my first year at the University of Melbourne to do a Bachelor of Environments. Ming Han knows me through my brother, Michael Tan, and we have actually discussed some stuff over lunch before. :) Also, I met Ming Li at an RBS reunion recently (unfortunately not mine, as I was someone’s plus one)!

    I don’t have much to say about myself other than the fact that I would really love the opportunity to act in your videos, especially after turning down the opportunity before.

    Oh! I’m also kind of punny.

    But if I don’t make the cut, I still hope that you’ll enjoy your stay in Melbourne!


    1. NAME:Hanson Leung
    2. AGE:18 this year

    5. ANY ACTING EXPERIENCE? Sadly not anything big
    Some school plays and things for school, but those arent part of the digital world

    I really enjoy media, everything that is related to productions gets me excited and energised (except for the billions of essays I need to write)
    I love the way your videos look, the way it has such a smooth and calm texture is really amazing.
    I love your work and I’m really glad that you guys are back.

    I really hope I can see you guys when you come visit Melbourne. Hope yall have a safe trip here.

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    Hey, TMT!

    NAME: Jocelyn Victoria
    AGE: 18 going on 19!


    Instagram: jocelyn.victoria


    I acted in a movie that my church produced and released last year, which was all shot in Melbourne. I can’t link you the whole movie (bummer), but I compiled just a few of my scenes here:

    Other than that, I took part in drama class for about 10 months back in foundation studies and also participated in some plays back in high school. They’re great fun and I really enjoy them!

    Little bit about myself :)

    I’m born and raised Indonesian, but I’ve been living in Melbourne for 2 years and counting as I’m completing my Bachelor of Biomedicine degree in University of Melbourne (2nd year!) and hopefully getting into a dentistry course.

    I’m a singer-songwriter, also in training to become a music producer. I sometimes do 15 seconds instagram cover or post my originals on Soundcloud. Maybe starting YouTube soon? I hope so!

    Besides that, I’m also very keen in movie production. Not a professional, but I learn by watching YouTube content creators over the years (including you guys!) and helping with video editing for some church projects.

    Personality-wise, most say that I’m very outgoing even from the first meeting. But don’t say I didn’t warn you of this, that once I bond, I can be the real-life version of Ming Y in your videos. Probably not the wisest thing to say in this occasion, but ohwells? :P

    Your Melbourne to-do list:

    – COFFEE is a must!
    – Join the ‘brunching’ trend. Great food everywhere! (the UrbanSpoon app can be your bestie for this!)
    – Rent a bike and tour around Melbourne for sight-seeing with it!
    – Go for road trips around Victoria if you can! Places like Grampians, Great Ocean Road, Mornington Peninsula, Phillips Island, Yarra Valley etc are beautiful.

    It would be a great pleasure to be able to meet you, even better to work with you guys! Even if I don’t make it, I wish you guys enjoy Melbourne very much! (and maybe bring home some Oz accent with you, yeah? Video reference intended :P)

    So, in advance, welcome to OZ, mate! :)

    – Jocelyn



    Oh, and I’m in Sydney! in case I didn’t make it clear above.

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    1. NAME:Emily
    2. AGE:18
    instagram: etblee9112



    Hello TMT,

    :) My name is Joyce and I turn 20 this year. I’m currently residing in Melbourne and I am studying Bachelor of Commerce in Monash University. When i have time to spare i spend most of my time watching youtube videos especially TMT videos. I really like the content in your videos and messages you give out.

    As for acting experience, i participated in a musical production and a few skits in high school and college unfortunately none of them were recorded so i can’t show it to you guys. :/

    An Interesting fact about me would be that I was really really shy in high school but i was trying my best to step out of my comfort zone. So when i heard that there was going to be an audition for a musical production in my high school, i wanted to go for the audition as i was interested in it. However, because none of my close friends were going for it and because i was too scared, i was a little hesitant but i still practiced the song that they wanted us to audition with and left the decision to be made for later on. So what i did was i stayed back to see how the audition went and tried to decipher people’s faced after they came out of the audition. I have no idea what gotten into me but i was just too nervous and convinced myself that it was the best not to go for the audition and i went home. Little did i know that it was actually the worst decision I’ve made and i truly regretted it. A few days later, i gathered up my courage to talk to the teacher (as i heard he was a very fierce teacher) who was in charge of the production to ask if he needed anymore extras. To my surprise he was being very nice about it and asked if i could sing or dance and so on and in the end i was involved in the musical production :)

    Come to think of it that was the first time i came out of my shell to do something that i was interested in doing. What i learnt is that we need to take the opportunity that is given in front of us and either go for it or regret and learn from it.

    So when i heard that you guys were coming to Melbourne and were looking for new faces to appear in your videos, i dropped everything to write this for you guys. (i’m sorry that its quite lengthy. well at least now you know a lil bit more about me i guess? :p )

    Another fact about me is that I really like watching movies directed by Christopher Nolan. My favourites would be Inception and Memento. There’s just so much depth in his movies that will keep you thinking on the verge of your seat! I still remember watching Inception with my friends in the cinema and we had a length discussion regarding the ending.

    So what are some of the things you guys can do in Melbourne?
    Okay, i’m going to try and keep this short and summarised.

    1.Take advantage of the free trams in the CBD and go wherever your heart desires.

    2.If you guys like nature, flowers, trees and so on, i recommend you guys to visit Fitzroy’s gardens conservatory and the Royal Botanical Gardens.

    3.Visit the Southbank bridge

    4.Take pictures at Hosier Lane

    5.Visit the Shrine of Remembrance

    6.Visit the State Library of Victoria

    7.Visit the National Gallery of Victoria

    8.Visit the Melbourne Star in Habour Town

    9.Take pictures with the colourful huts at Brighton Beach

    10.Shopping wise: Go to any Direct Factory Outlets as the things there would be cheaper. (South Wharf / Habour Town are a few of them)

    11.Food wise:
    The Grain Store
    Axil Coffee Roasters
    The Hardware Societe
    Manchester Press
    Top Paddock
    Breakfast Thieves
    Hammer & Tong
    Adriano Zumbo’s zumbarons & zonuts
    400 Gradi

    I document the places I’ve been to in Melbourne and the cafe/restaurants i’ve been to on my Instagram. So feel free to check it out! :) Hopefully, it’d give you an idea on where to go and what to eat.

    Hope you guys will have a great time in Melbourne and Sydney! :)
    I’m really hoping to hear from you guys soon!


    – Joyce Y.

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    NAME: Catherine Nguyen (but please call me Cat)
    LOCATION: Sydney
    Facebook: Must me asked personally :)
    Instagram: (I sing sometimes)
    No, not really. The only acting experience I can recall was for my high school graduation video and it was a very small part (emphasis on small [which also represents my status during high school]). Even though there’s no point in linking the video, I will just for you guys to have a laugh because it’s absolutely ridiculous – for me at least – (I’m the skeleton onesie)
    Also here’s a little video I made to show a bit of my personality
    I’ve always wanted to try out acting and being in drama classes but I was never allowed (thanks to the power of traditional Asian mums). Although there a many others more qualified than me, I would love the opportunity to be in one of your videos and meet all of you.

    As for what to do in Sydney, honestly I’d just suggest checking out the Opera House, walking on the Harbour Bridge and just roam around the city, lose yourselves or your way even haha (I’m a free spirit so aimlessly exploring and discovering unknown places is my thing. Getting lost is sometimes scary but it’s worth it).

    Anyway, I hope all of you a wonderful time in Sydney and Melbourne :D

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    Ming H.

    Thanks so much everyone! :) We’re sorting out schedules now and will update you if there’s anything to be done yeah!!

    And thank you so much for all the suggestions of places to visit!!

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    Ming H.

    @lavendersweet Joyce!! thank you SO much for such an amazing post! :) really appreciated the time you took to type all that out!

    just a short reply for now but wanted you to know that!

    Kit Chong
    Kit Chong

    HEEEY TMT! A Malaysian-produced Melbourne resident here! I’m so excited that you guys are coming over!

    Name: Kit Chong
    Age: 17 (Still in high school)
    Website: (Well most of these are likely to be “privated” but i’ll definitely accept your requests)

    Instagram: kitstagramme

    Acting Experience:
    I’ve always been interested in the performing arts and have been trying (oh so very hard) to have a go at it. I’ve been in a few class dramas and video skits in my early high school life and after i’ve moved here, been trying to make it into outside-of-school productions. I am really enthusiastic with performing and am comfortable with acting, dancing, and singing (which i would say is more of my forte). Kinda the reason why musical theatre is like my happy place and what i’ve been auditioning for mostly lol. I’ve recently done a musical just last year on the show Footloose. I don’t really have videos from the show but this is a preview of it although its probably hard to spot me in it.

    Something Interesting:
    I really like singing and am pretty frequent with recording my covers with friends and posting them on SoundCloud as shown through my link above hehe. I have considered making videos of them with friends but unfortunately we haven’t got up to that yet. I also cheer at my school and at an all-star gym during the holidays and can tumble! If… thats… something interesting… :D

    Hope you guys have fun here in Melb!



    Name: Clement Soo
    (can call me Clem in short, or anything you like, Aussie love to shorten or give people nicknames)

    Age: 24


    Instagram: karjsoo

    I performed an act in high school, Romeo and Juliet with my classmates. Then our teacher love it and asked us to filmed it to show during our school Education Fair. Although I’m just a supporting cast, my major role was the producing, directing, editing, and also script writing/editing.

    A year later, our teacher request us to form groups and film the popular short story “The Necklace” (La Parure) by Guy De Maupassant. Our group film was chosen to be the best one. Same as previous, I have a very minor role in acting, but major role in script writing/editing, producing, directing, filming, and editing.

    A year later again, I was asked by the Prefect Board to film, direct, and edit a film that they need to screen it during their annual farewell dinner.

    Oh wait, you asking about ACTing experience huh?
    Oh well, that’s all I have at the moment, but I love acting too.

    I’m from Sabah, this will be my 6th year in Australia. I’m studying Master of Eng in Uni of Melb at the moment, and also taken a year-long short course of Film and TV Foundations at the Victorian College of Art (VCA). I’m picturing myself as a youtuber like you guys in the future and I’m doing all he stuff that can help me to achieve it. Now I’m trying my best to join some theatre, dance and music, and film making club/class to improve myself so I can produce a lot of different video in my YouTube channel in the future. I also have a notebook with all the skits idea, or crazy stuff came into my mind time to time.

    My most favourite youtubers are the JKF crews. I really love what they doing, and most important, they are like a big close family without blood relation. And that’s bring out the things most important in my life, friends and family.

    Stuff to do in Melbourne,
    Well, first thing come to my mind, of course it’s

    Just like Malaysia, Australia also a Mulitcultural country (but with more diversity), especially in Sydney and Melbourne.

    You can find all sort of cuisine here, and also FUSION cuisine! Even in the Uni of Melb, there’s lots of different shop here.

    Also, have a walk around the city, you guys can really feel the culture fusion here. Do check out the Federation Square, everything there just, perfect. I’ve been sit at one of the cafe there, for like 3-4 hours. The environment and atmosphere there is really awesome.

    Hope these info help you guys, and certainly hope I have the chance to meet you guys too.


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    Ming H.

    Hey everyone! :)

    We’ve sent you mails!! Please do check your inbox yeah!


    Hey TMT,

    1st option :

    I’d suggest Schnitz at QV in the city. They served really good chicken schnitzel in the city and also its suitable for small/medium sized groups. There’s Movenpick ice cream just next to it if you guys are up for dessert.

    2nd option :

    lygon St for Italian food. Most restaurants on that street have their own value lunch sets not more than $15. Again, frozen yogurt afterwards, just because :)

    3rd option :

    Meet at Federation Sq and we just play by ear with where to eat and chill?

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    Hey guys!

    Whoa I’m really late with this, but hopefully not too late.

    1. NAME: Sebastian Hidalgo, but you can call me Seb. Living in Sydney.
    2. AGE: 24
    3. EMAIL:


    5. ANY ACTING EXPERIENCE? (video links would help!)
    None whatsoever! But that is not why I’m writing to you today. I’m a photographer and I’ve shot in a number of areas, like events, concert and fashion. Pretty much, I enjoy taking photographs of people and I was hoping I would get to photograph all of you, either in the form of individual/group portraits or as you guys are shooting your videos, perhaps create an album of behind-the-scenes photos if that’s something you are interested in. I’ve also recently gained an interest in filming, and although I don’t know whether I’ll actually get into it, I would love to learn more by watching and working with you. At the end of the day, I can be an assistant if you need people like that.

    A bit about myself: I was born in Lima, Peru but I came to Sydney in 2004. I’ve been living in Sydney for almost 11 years now but it still feels so surreal at times. Apart from photography, I also enjoy writing, in particular stories. I LOVE music and I’ll listen to just about anything, but I enjoy soundtracks, whether from games or movies, the most. Back when I was still a teen and I was watching WongFu I dreamed of being part of a group of people doing videos, but the opportunity never came. Ultimately, I would just be happy to meet you all, if only for a little bit.

    Thank you,

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