Ming H’s Giveaway!!

Written By: Ming H
11 May, 2015

Socks from Korea!

So if you have no idea what’s going on, here’s the short version.

I currently am (or might no longer be by the time you’re reading this) in Seoul, Korea. And I’ve been posting a few pictures on my instagram recently.

A couple of them have gotten more attention that I expected. And these photos are…

Minghan Instagram

… of my socks.

People have been asking where in the world I got them from and where do you find them. And the answer is – right here in Seoul. I walked many streets and found a few pairs of these lovely things and posted them online.

Then… a very wonderful follower said this
“Giveaways, perhaps?” – melisasimjiaqi

Minghan TMT

SO that made me head out again to get a few of those pairs for you guys!

1. FIND the “MingH’s Giveaway” Thread on HelloTMT.com :P (hint – Community!)
2. Leave us a post in the thread! Telling us:
   a) WHY you need a pair of socks
   b) WHICH one you’d like (I’ll be selecting one winner per pair). If you don’t say anything and win one – I’ll give you a random pair!
   c) ALSO – leave your EMAIL! (that’s how we’ll be contacting you if you win!)
3. Make sure you’ve LIKED HelloTMT’s Facebook page!
4. And SHARE this post on your Facebook! :)


P.S. I can’t really buy too many to bring back for you guys so I hope this is alright!
P.S.S. Hope you like the socks guys and may the odds be in your favour!