The CORE: Alyssa Yeoh

Written By: Alyssa Yeoh
8 Jun, 2015

Today, we interview one of our most dedicated intern we’ve had thus far in CORE Studios – Alyssa Yeoh.

Who are you?
HelloTMT! My name is Alyssa Yeoh and I am an intern at Core Studios. Born and raised a Malaysian but never truly appreciative of our culture and food until I went to study abroad in the UK. The experience of living in a new city truly opened my eyes to many aspects of being a anak Malaysia which I embrace even more now.

Alyssa Yeoh

How did you stumble upon this internship?
Back in 2011, I was still a first year student taking up filmmaking as my practice and one thing led to another I started writing stories which I got to share with the Core Studios team. I was keen on learning so I started to help out on sets which eventually landed me my first internship with the team. Two years later, after graduating I was looking for a job but could not find anything intriguing so I applied to intern with the team, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn from them again.

What do you do?
As an intern at Core Studios, I am given the chance to suggest ideas, plan and produce content for the team’s new YouTube channel – HelloTMT. Working in a team, we share the responsibilities of filming, interviewing and editing. I am also given responsibilities each time there is a client shoot, I will either assist in sound recording, lighting or act as a runner. I have gained a lot of experiences just by being on set, learning as I go.

Alyssa Yeoh

What are you all about?
In a nutshell, I am still a rookie in the production line as it was not long ago that I realized this was the path for me. I live my life by this principle: ‘I am an achiever, never a settler’. This is the reason why I value challenges because they are hurdles that I have to push through in order to get to the finish line. When it comes to work, I tend to go with the flow as I have learned from previous experiences that even when everything is properly planned there are bound to be changes. Other than my laidback-ness, I am also aggressive when it comes to achieving my goals.

What do you hope to achieve during your time with CORE Studios?
I hope I could learn to edit and improve on my on set skills particularly with cinematography and working with the camera. All in all, I am most definitely thankful to even have the chance to learn from this amazing bunch.

Alyssa Yeoh

Bonus: Why did you choose to be a vegetarian? How has the experience been so far?
Throughout my life, I have always felt like I was not doing enough for the world and I was not living life to the fullest. So I figured, to give back I could exchange my diet for the lives of these amazing creatures. From putting myself in the shoes of animals to occasionally feeling pain their pain when consuming them, I decided to stop eating meat. The experience of being a vegetarian has not been all pleasant as it is a challenge explaining to people. Food wise, people always ask if I miss the taste of meat and I would like to take this chance to answer, NOPE! Well, this may sound odd but perhaps my taste pallet changed once I decided to be a vegetarian, there are plenty of other tasty food that I now learn to enjoy more than before. All in all, it’s been a very educational journey for me at least. Choosing this path has not been easy even though I get questioned all the time by family and friends, at the end of the day it is my choice and it is my way of appreciating life.