The CORE: Natalie Chai

Written By: Natalie Chai
5 May, 2015

EDITOR’S NOTE: Apart from our interns, we figured it’ll be good to introduce some of our core members on our site too. Let’s start off with one of our recent addition to the team… Natalie Chai!


Hello everybody. I am Natalie.


Well, here in CORE STUDIOS – I am sometimes Natari, Ah Chai, Nat, or Chao Teng. Well, I guess we don’t usually have a fixed name around here. Conversations usually start off without names anyway – unless we’re really engrossed in something else.

Ever since I joined the team in early March, one of the most common question that I get from people around me is usually “So, what do you do?” Usually, I just tell them I’m the tea lady. It makes sense, I am the only female in this office. Sometimes I wait for them to probe further, so I can tell them what I really do. Well – most of them don’t. I guess nobody is truly interested in the job scope of this new female addition.

For those who are truly curious, I am officially designated as the Business Development Manager by title. That sounds fancy, but what does that mean in this company that everybody assumes to be just ‘a bunch of guys doing what they love’? Simply put, I am now the contact point for majority of the communication coming in and out of CORE STUDIOS. You wanna belanja the guys for some nasi kukus? You belanja me first. Well, basically if you’re a future partner/client who is interested to find out what we do, or have already set your mind on having us on board for a video project or talent engagement – you and I will be each other’s next best friend. For the next month or two till the project concludes. And then we become even better friends.

I crossed roads with the guys from very separate occasions. I first knew Bryan from the blogosphere, and then more of Raffi from uni (well, sorta), and the Ming Brothers about three years ago after concluding our first collaboration through a video titled How to Make a Korean Drama on The Ming Thing. Since then, people have been wondering if I am Korean. I’m not. My skin is made from roti canai, blood from sirap bandung, and mouth – uhm, from my mom I guess. I’m Malaysian.

And I am just here to say hello!

Reach out to me at if you have an interesting project in mind, or just want to get to know more about what we do. Hear from you soon!