TMT Adventures – Melbourne!

Written By: Ming H.
23 Apr, 2015



So if you’re new to this story, you could check out Part 1 HERE or just tag along from here on out.

Just a quick recap – this little TMT guide we have is how we saw Australia, where we went and what we ate. Basically, this is what we would suggest to you because we enjoyed it when we were there!


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Melbourne (Day 7 – 14)


So for our next part of the trip – we hopped on a plane and flew to the beautiful city of Melbourne

Tip #5: When we were there (in the month of March), Melbourne’s weather is a bit more crazier than Sydney’s. So prep up for sudden changes of warm and cold – and lots of wind.

Tip #6: There’s relatively a bit more things to do in Melbourne – so try to stay a bit longer.

We say that because…
(1) its really easy to get around in Melbourne. Compared to Sydney, places in Melbourne are more centralised unless there’s a random place you wanna go to a bit far from town. And…
(2) its easy to get around because a majority of places that are close are connected by really efficient trains and such. Sydney’s suburbs and places are connected by trains but are pretty far from each other, in our opinion.

Oh yeah that reminds me…

Tip #7: We got the Myki pass – a pass for trains and trams and such. Travel in the central city is mostly free – so look out for that. You might wanna get the 1 week pass (its the cheapest) if you’re staying for a while. But make sure you ask!


There are TONNES… and I mean TONNES of cafes in Melbourne. And you’ll literally see one every where you turn. Feel free to try any of them, they’re all generally quite good – but here’s a few cafes and nom places we went to and thought it was FREAKING AMAZING.

Tip #8: The Urbanspoon app STILL works here so don’t go deleting it just yet.

Melbourne Melbourne

Food Stop 1: Manchester Press (Cafe) – Rankins Lane
Aside from the amazing coffee (my personal favourite the WHOLE Australia trip) – they have kick ass bagels here. This place is tucked away in a corner near the Central station so make sure you have some GPS or Google Maps with you! (Or you can ask around, people are pretty friendly)


Food Stop 2: Green Refectory (Cafe) – Sydney Road
This place – has a beautiful backyard AND desserts. Cake, pastries and the likes – you name it! They have some pretty original and unique dishes so go ahead and try some! Bryan had this banana pancake thing and it was goooooood.


Food Stop 3: Hammer and Tong (Cafe) – Brunswick St, Fitzroy
I tell ya – when there’s a 1 Star Michelin chef in the kitchen – you’re gonna get restaurant level food at a cafe price. This place has amazing mains AND good coffee as well (okay seriously, coffee is really great everywhere… almost everywhere)

Food Stop 4: Hakata Gensuke Ramen – Russell St.
Trust me, Jap food in Melbourne is serious stuff. You’ll know this shop by the long line outside. We had to wait 30minutes for a small table to fit 3 people. But if you don’t mind the wait – the ramen is to die for. Freaking fantastic stuff.

Tip #9: Unlike Malaysia – tonnes of these places use non-halal ingredients so do make a note to check out for it yeah!

Melbourne Melbourne

Food Stop 5: Auction Rooms (Cafe) – Errol St.
THIS – is the TMT super recommended place to go. The food here is AMAZING. The coffee here is AMAZING. Overall – this place is freaking amazing. Super picture worthy and did I mention the food is amazing?

… Honestly, we can go on and on. But THOSE spots will be our top picks.


As a note – we definitely went the mile when it came to the places we wanted to see in Melbourne. We planned some of this based on what we wanted to shoot and capture on video. So here’s us sharing our experience with you.

Sights Stop 1: The Great Ocean Road & The 12 Apostles

Melbourne Melbourne

There’s no way we can summarize this place into a few sentences. This was our goal and aim to see when we got to Melbourne – and we did!

Simple tips – if you don’t know what to do – get a guide or tour. If you do and you have a car or someone to bring you around, you might wanna plan a few stops or find some places you can stay on the way.


We took just a day to travel this (actually, just part of it). But if you have the time, take your time. Take a day or two or three and slowly make your way up and down the road. There’s tonnes to see along the way – koalas, birds, beaches, rocks and the lovely ocean.

Melbourne Melbourne

Sights Stop 2: Queen Victoria Night Markets
This, is what I would call, the angmoh version of a pasar malam. And an AMAZING one at that. There’s tonnes of food here and random things you can buy.

Just a word of caution. Like any other flea or festive market – most of the prices here are bumped up. We’d recommend looking for the amazing slushie lemonade, the crazy burgers (crocodile, ostrich, kangaroo – yeah, for real) and watch out for the amazing street performers!

DEFINITELY a tourist-y thing to do :P Even some of the locals we met don’t come here! Haha!


Speaking of locals – these were the beautiful people of Melbourne!


So ladies and gentlemen, those were the highlights of our trip!

Honestly, there’s SO much more to see and places to go and food to eat. Parks, cafes, diners – you name it!

But really – all we can say is get out of the room a bit more. Get off that butt. Use your legs. Walk. Use the map. Don’t be afraid to get lost (okay… but be smart). That’s what travel was to us.


So we bid you a farewell and a safe trip on your next holiday. Till our next adventure.


TMT out!